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Topband: Big 160m openings just before K index spikes

Subject: Topband: Big 160m openings just before K index spikes
From: Mark Connelly via Topband <>
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Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2017 14:37:33 -0500
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The "boost before bust" phenomenon has also been noticed by DX listeners of the 
AM broadcast band.

Here on the US East Coast, some of the more reliable northern European signals 
are the UK stations on 693, 882, 909, 1089, and 1215 kHz.  We used to have the 
Norway "flamethrower" on 1314 as a great propagation beacon but that station, 
like many others in northern Europe, has gone dark.

When solar flares occur, radiation travels outward at the speed of light, 
making the trip in a bit over 8 minutes.  Charged particles are also ejected: 
these may take a day or so to reach Earth's ionosphere.

The effect of that initial arrival of radiation seems to be enhanced higher 
latitude northern hemisphere propagation.

As the charged particles start coming in and the A/K indices rise, high 
latitude routes are attenuated.  In the early evening here in Massachusetts, 
for instance on 750 kHz, you would go from good reception of a station in 
Newfoundland (CBGY, Bonavista Bay) over to a channel dominated by a station in 
Caracas, Venezuela (YVKS).  Northern European signals go away.  If anything is 
coming across the Atlantic at that point it would be African signals such as 
Mauritania on 783, Canary Islands on 621 etc.  Mostly a lot would be heard from 
Latin America.  Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and Puerto Rico are quite 
prominent since many of the more-northerly interferers (US, Canada et al.) are 
blocked out.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
South Yarmouth, MA, USA

Yes Lee I guess we have all seen as in my case enhancement from here to VK
under those conditions including places like KH0, JD1 etc.
locals for you guys. However the very best of conditions I have seen is when
the K index stays very low at 0 or max 1 for several days. Then the big US
openings can happen and I can end up working all states in a week contest.
If it times correctly with a contest. Bring it on.
73 Clive GM3POI

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Subject: Topband: Big 160m openings just before K index spikes

I have also seen big openings here in Oregon just prior to a big solar
If I recall correctly it was when I worked the A4 which is huge from the
Pacific Northwest.
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