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Re: Topband: AA-55Zoom Review

Subject: Re: Topband: AA-55Zoom Review
From: Jeff Blaine <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 09:49:57 -0600
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Question regarding the OSL cal function on the unit.

Let's say you do an OSL cal with a length of coax attached just as you would with a generic VNA.  For how long is that specific OSL CAL applied?

I mean, does it persist until it's deleted, or until you change frequency away from the range covered by the original OSL CAL?  Or until it is powered off?  Or what?



On 12/12/2017 5:41 PM, Dennis W0JX via Topband wrote:
I have been working on installing a tower detuning circuit on my 80 foot shunt 
fed tower. Of course I found had that the MFJ 259B to be totally inadequate for 
adjusting the detuning circuit because of nearby BC RF on 1520 Khz. Results did 
improve with the insertion of a 1510 Khz trap built for me by KD9SV but results 
were still inconsistent.

I finally decided to buy a Rig Expert but had trouble deciding between the 
AA-55 and the AA-230. The AA-230 covers 2 meters but that is not of great 
interest to me. Another nice feature is the TDR graph function. However, I 
discovered that the AA-55Zoom also has a TDR function but it does require a 
connection to a laptop to use it effectively.

The deciding factor for me was the AA-55 performance on 160 meters. I found a 
review by W9AC who said that the AA-55Zoom is basically bullet-proof on 160 

I ordered my AA-55 from DX Engineering and had it delivered in one day. I am thrilled 
with the performance. I find that the most useful screen is the one called "All 
Parameters" which shows all important factors. This is extremely useful for putting 
the antenna or circuit right where you want it. There is also a set of cable tools which 
make it very easy to cut quarter-wave or half-wave stubs.

One thing - make sure that you use the "battery saver" function or the 
batteries won't last more than 4 hours.

73, Dennis W0JX
Milan, OH
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