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Re: Topband: VU2GSM webSDR use

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It was interesting to observe the EU stations (and a few JA) that used stateside remotes to work the K1N/Navassa operation on TB. It's rather obvious when the din of EU stations is a few db above the noise and an IZ1 station comes along and is suddenly 40db/S9. Of course there is nothing illegal or even immoral about that so long as the QSO is not used for DXCC (I would guess they were). It will be interesting to observe things with Bouvet.
        73. . . Dave, W0FLS

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Good evening Paul. I cannot speak for your personal remote but I can tell you the rules at RHR: you identify the state (or grid if on FT8 or JT65) of the station from which you are transmitting. Those are the rules under which you agree to operate. And that is the only warning you receive. Break the rules and you are off RHR and any funds you have paid are forfeit. Lee, Ray and the rest of the RHR team don't kid around about that. They know how carefully they are watched. Contrast that with the remotes someone just mentioned in another post. Just follow the rules and try to have fun. Honestly, is it really more fun to keep this thread going than to get on and work DX? If you think it is, you are in the wrong hobby. 73, Steve, NN4T

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Thanks. Word wrap prevented me from opening the file with your e-mail messages but I copied the full URL into my browser and it did open. Possibly he is using WebSDR more on 160m-80m, but from my experience on 40m, his operating behavior -- and that of others calling him doesn’t seem to follow his use of WebSDR on receive. That's just my observation and it may change in the future.

Since you mentioned VU2GSM, I made specific mention of him in my post, but it applies equally to other VUs who are just as strong here LP in the morning, including 4S7AB in Sri Lanka.

When using WebSDR, I think the ethical approach is to disclose the Rx location when issuing a signal report -- and that goes for RHR users too. If not defined in the report, then we should assume the op is listening from his own station. Now that I've opened that up, is there a similar ethical dilemma if I am listening on my own remote station 30 miles, away? How about 500 miles away?

Paul, W9AC

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