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Topband: [Fwd: Re: 4U1ITU & K8GG operating 160.]

Subject: Topband: [Fwd: Re: 4U1ITU & K8GG operating 160.]
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2019 18:10:00 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Steve,  Hi Topbanders,

Good to see the post on Topband reflector.

Yes, I was there in December 1987 when we visited my wife's cousin's
family east of Geneva and I met Steve, AA4V at 4U1ITU.  We only had a few
days in Switzerland, and I drove in every morning for the sunrise openings
on 160 & 80 meters.   Conditions were not great, but I did work a few US
stations including NR1R on Topband if my memory is correct.

I was also there in December 1977 when the cousin's family lived in an
apartment in Geneva within walking distance of 4U1ITU.  Conditions were
better at that time, as was the 160 meter antenna.

As Steve mentioned, joining the 4U1ITU radio club made it easy to use the
station.  It is important to familiarize yourself with the station set up
and learn the over-night access routine during the day time.  To get the
actual membership card one needs to join ahead of time and make an
appointment with the station manager.  It also helps to know a little
French for the security guards.

Most of the cousin's family now live in The Netherlands, so I will not be
going back to operate.  Also I am twice the age now and getting up early
is much harder to do.  HI

73 & GL to all,  George, K8GG.

> I operated from ITU many times in the 1980â??s. The sloping wire from the
> building to the ground had just been installed by Paco EA(?) who along
> with Ted Robinson ran the club station. I traveled throughout Europe for
> my company usually planning air departure from Brussels to Geneva. Iâ??d
> operate all weekend and departed on Sunday evening by train to my next
> appointment on Monday in Zurich. I ran into George K8GG a few times. His
> wifeâ??s family lived in Lausanne, about 40 km from Geneva. I spent a lot
> of time on 160 at Geneva sunrise and worked many stateside on top band.
> Many mentioned that it was an ATNO on 160.
> Very nice setup in those years. Access to the club station was easy if you
> joined the 4U1ITU club. Donâ??t know about now.
> 73
> Steve AA4V
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