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Topband: Switching Beverages, cont'd.

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Subject: Topband: Switching Beverages, cont'd.
From: Brad Anbro <>
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2019 17:34:05 +0000
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​Hello all,

Awhile back there was some discussion about switching Beverages. When I was 
back in
Illinois, I had three bi-directional Beverages and I assembled my own circuitry 
switching between antennas and directions. Being an industrial electrician, for 
me the
project was rather straight-forward.

I used an 8" square Carlon® PVC outdoor-type weather-proof junction box and in 
box, I fashioned up a "bottom plate" on which I mounted two "DIN rails" - for 
the relay sockets, for the 6 "ice cube" relays. I used 120VAC relays and each 
relay, when
not being energized, grounded each center conductor of the six 75-ohm coax 
through a  75-ohm, 5-watt Xicon (286-75-RC) resistor.

On the bottom of the enclosure I installed seven RCA-type phono jacks - six for
the 75-ohm coax cables from the Beverage transformers and the last one
being the "output" of the relay that was being selected.

I made up a control box, using a 2-deck rotary switch; one deck being for the
120VAC that energized the ice cube relays and the other deck being used to
power low-voltage indicator lights that gave a visual indication of which of the
Beverages had been selected. I used a 120VAC step-dowm transformer and a
resistor of the proper size, to supply the proper voltage for the indicator 

That was how I did it. A BIG thanks to Gary, KD9SV, for all of the helpful
hints and low-band education that he has supplied me with...

73 de Brad, N9EN
Bluff City, Tennessee
"in the hills"...

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