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Topband: Spring Stew Perry Preliminary Results

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Subject: Topband: Spring Stew Perry Preliminary Results
From: Tree <>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 04:02:12 -0700
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It was great to hear all of the activity on 160 meter CW last weekend in
the Spring Stew Perry test.  We have already received 340 logs.  There is
still plenty of time to submit your log if you haven't already.

Perhaps you noticed our new web page which includes a spiffy new log upload
feature thanks to Bruce, WA7BNM.  Most people are using this to upload
their logs.  There is also another app, that allows you to easily enter
information if you kept a paper log.

The preliminary scores were initially posted about 8 minutes after the end
of the contest, and they have been updated fairly often as more logs have
arrived.  Most scores have increased by 10 percent or more due to the
multipliers they get for working LP and QRP stations.  For example, the
current #1 score from ZF9CW went from 3,953 points up to 4,559 points.
Stan certainly had a big signal putting 74 Europeans in his log in addition
to 14 Asians.  I worked him here in Oregon just after my sunset easily.

A new feature in the score listing shows the average distance of the QSOs
you made.  This was suggested by John, W2GD.  It really shows how those
further away from Europe and the East Coast of the USA have an advantage to
overcome the increased difficulty of making QSOs.  The stations in the
Southern Hemisphere easily "win" this category.  CX6VM's average is 9480 km
for example.

Also - another thank you to Bruce, WA7BNM and Ash, KF5EYY for their help
with improving the look and feel of the stew web page.

If you missed this event, it is only 3 months until the next one - the
Summer Stew, which will be held on June 15th.

73 Tree N6TR
Manning, OR
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