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Topband: Inverted L loading wire dialmma

Subject: Topband: Inverted L loading wire dialmma
From: Dave G4GED via Topband <>
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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 20:05:32 +0000
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For many years my 160m antenna has been a very successful classic 21m tall Inv L mast with a horizontal loading wire. The only problem, a big one, has been the loading wire getting tangled up in the surrounding trees in very windy weather. Chopping the trees down is not an option and I've had enough of the agro of untangling, to be honest.
I know I could provide loading at the feed point but it's not as efficient.
So, I wondered if anyone have had success with providing the loading wire(s) at say 45deg from the mast top down to ground level? (Witches Hat style).
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Dave G4GED

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