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Re: Topband: From 5x3c

To: Franco Prete <>
Subject: Re: Topband: From 5x3c
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2019 15:44:24 -0600
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Greetings Franco,

Here in Arkansas, USA, we have experienced an outstanding signal enhancement at our sunset, around 0015z, from 5X3C. On March 15 the 5X3C signal rose to an outstanding 25 dB above my noise floor at 0020z but then was entirely gone 20 minutes later.

Last night, March 18 at 0025z 5X3C was again very strong, peaking 20 dB above my noise floor. At 0040z the signal had completely disappeared! I do not ever recall hearing signals from central Africa that strong at my QTH. My noise floor at W5ZN is usually between -130 to -125 dB.

Hopefully others can experience the excellent, but very brief, propagation we have had during 5X3C's op.

73 Joel W5ZN

On 2019-03-18 03:36, Franco Prete via Topband wrote:
On TOP BAND last night we hear lot or stations from N.A. calling and
calling but all signals were very low and under the noise of our
Double DHDL in NA direction.
Only few calls on log. Better conditions on 80 m . Lot of qso cw and FT8.
Again tonight active all night with 2 station 80/160 - cw and FT8. If
contact needed stay tuned - we do not sleep!!!
Franco I1FQH
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