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Topband: Soldering aluminum coax shield to copper wire

Subject: Topband: Soldering aluminum coax shield to copper wire
From: Tomas vk2ccc <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2020 10:42:36 +1000
List-post: <>
On 5/31/2020 8:56 PM, Chuck Hutton wrote:
> So what is the easy reliable cheap method to get the job done?

Hi Chuck

I had luck with soldering copper wire to aluminum pipe using nothing more

1) local variety of VEGETABLE oil - you only need a few drops - used what I
found in the kitchen

2) cheap fixed temperature soldering iron - mine was 40W - already head it
in my junk box

3) sand paper - I used what I hand on hand - mine was "120" grit - already
had it in my junk box

4) conventional resin core solder 60/40 - already had it in my junk box

The copper wire jumpers that I have soldered to an aluminum pipe (that was
part of RX loop experiments - LZ1AQ variety of loops) a year and a half
ago, as inspected today looks perfectly "healthy" with no signs of
corrosion etc. so I assume the method has worked.

Before attempting to solder I watched several YouTube videos to see how
others done it.

In the process, I have applied a couple of drops on top of the aluminum
surface and then rubbed it slightly with the sand paper. The surface was
left covered in oil. I have then separately pre-soldered the copper wire
(multi-strand wire in my case) using the 60/40 solder having it sub-merged
in a couple of drops of oil. Then placed the pre-soldered wire to the
aluminum surface that was previously cleaned and still covered in oil.
Applied another drop of oil. Placed the soldering iron on the join, and
pretty much instantaneously removed it.

This method has worked for me; I tried this on different aluminum surfaces
and learned that in my case it was all about careful cleaning sub-merged in
oil, and applying the right level of heat for the right duration of time.

Good luck!

Tomas VK2CCC
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