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Topband: Beverage field switching

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Subject: Topband: Beverage field switching
From: VE6WZ_Steve <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2020 17:19:05 -0600
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I have received a number of email questions asking how I switch my Beverage 
wires in the field.

Here is a video that shows the design of my cascaded 2 relay high isolation 4 
relay switch box, as well as my latest design that uses 1:1 binocular core 
"braid breaker” transformers to replace my large type 31 toroids on the RG-6 
lines.  This is much more economical and easier to set up in the field.

I show how my switch boxes are deployed in the field and share some ideas about 
laying out the RG-6 feed lines on the forest floor.

Video link here: <>

73, de steve ve6wz

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