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Re: Topband: Sloping Ground

Subject: Re: Topband: Sloping Ground
From: "John Harden, D.M.D." <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2020 10:34:55 -0400
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I had a 160 meter inverted V up at 90 for a number of years. Sometimes it 
worked but overall it was useless. I took it down years ago. 

Now, I use a Hi-Z 8 and Waller Flag at 95 feet for receive and a 100 ft shunt 
fed tower for XMIT.
It is all light years ahead of the Inverted V...

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> On Jun 21, 2020, at 10:18 AM, cqtestk4xs--- via Topband 
> <> wrote:
> My place in Hawaii was sloped more than about 99% of all locations...a drop 
> of 1100 feet to sea level around 6000 feet away.  It does make a difference.  
> I had the same slope up hill as down and i can tell you 100% for sure the 
> slope makes a difference.  I used a bent full size vertical wire  for 160 and 
> downhiull was far better. It would be worth the extra coax if you had a 
> pretty significant slope.
> Bill K4XS/KH7XS
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> Sent: Sun, Jun 21, 2020 1:53 pm
> Subject: Topband: Sloping Ground
> Looking for some advice from some of you who have been there and done that
> before. I'm looking at moving my 160M inverted L to a new location that
> would be approximately 100 feet ASL higher and be on top of a hill with
> nearly perfect sloping ground in all directions. This would change my coax
> run length from 130 feet to 620 feet. I'm looking at LMR400 to meet my loss
> and budget needs. Is the move to sloping ground worth the extra work and
> coax loss??
> Thanks
> Sam(N3XZ)
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