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Topband: Northern Summer Stew

Subject: Topband: Northern Summer Stew
From: Phil Hartwell via Topband <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2020 09:32:32 +0800
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Hi All,

Like Luke VK3HJ, I only managed to work one stateside station, K7RAT and that was a battle due to the northern hemisphere QRN that Don, WD8DSB mentioned is a great impediment and deterrent to many. I noted particularly intense thunderstorm activity north of Fort Worth, TX and I congratulate anyone who managed to hear anything through that. It must have been a terrific sky show! Incidentally, I always monitor lightning trackers to see if stations in my target area have a realistic chance of hearing me through their QRN, (not to mention man-made QRM), and locally to know when to go QRT as storms approach. Propagation seemed very poor in all directions, No EU's heard, only a couple of weak Asiatic Russians in the All Asia contest and even normally very strong JA's were very weak. As far as Stateside is concerned, I only heard six stations on my phased Beverages, K0RF, W4GE, N4BP, K5KG, N3BB and K7RAT, plus K3EST and KL7SB in the AA Contest. K5KG was strongest, peaking at 559 at his SR, all others were S3 or less.

In recent months, there has been very little propagation from VK6 to east coast USA, even Jon, AA1K is rarely heard and the most regular contact has been Steve, VE6WZ.

If anyone in W1 and VE1 is interested at attempting long path QSO's in Sept/Oct. let me know. It is not uncommon at that time of year and typically happens 20 to 30 minutes after my SR. It was easy with Jack, VE1ZZ.

Thanks to Tree and the Boring ARC for running the event, hopefully the Low Band Jack will provide better propagation and less QRN for both hemispheres.

73, Phil VK6GX.

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