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[TowerTalk] Switching Controls to Multiple Antennas

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Switching Controls to Multiple Antennas
From: (Gary E. Jones)
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 08:35:10 -0500

I want to thank the 10 or more people who have responded to my request for
information on switching strategies to switch one control box to multiple
rotors....   Thank you!

The ideas have been very helpful. I would be happy to have more. 

To W2VJN's questions, do I think that there is a market for such a device,
the answer is clearly yes. Quite a number of guys are doing it already and
I would guess many others would do it if the logic were more "available". I
have never understood why most hams put up one or two yagi's on a tower
when they will support far more if done right. My current Rohn 45 has a 2
element 40 at 110' feet 10 feet up on the main mast, a 5 element Hygain 20
meter monobander underneath at the top of the tower. Then I have a 12' tall
300 degree swing arm at 65' - 55' which swings a 5 element 15 meter
monobander at 65' and another 5 element 20 meter monobander in a stack
configuration with the top 20 meter monobander, and a Th6 at 40'... Ya get
a lot more bang for the buck this way and all the antennas don't have to be
pointed the same way (although that would be my next option). 

I will distill some of these comments about controlling many rotors from a
single control box and put them into a larger file of ideas and make it
available to anyone who is interested.  


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