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[TowerTalk] 2 dB

Subject: [TowerTalk] 2 dB
From: Steve Sacco NN4X <>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 20:09:33 -0400
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WRT to "22 dB" versus "20 dB", this is not an uncommon line of thinking, but viewed from a competitive angle, it's profoundly incorrect.

It's NOT that you're 2 dB louder when they're hearing you 20 or 22 dB over S9 - it's when you hear/work stations which are 2 dB out of the noise, and nobody else can, because everyone else's antenna systems are 2 db worse than yours. It's when you're one of several stations all chasing a p-weak mult at the end of a band opening, and the op answers YOU because you're 1/3 of an S-unit louder than the others.

THAT is the importance of 2 dB.

AB7E did some cool work awhile ago WRT "Minimum Dicernable Difference". Check it out:


NN4X (hopefully at least 2 dB louder than you  :-)  )

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"...a nice happy feeling and reports of 22 dB over S9 instead of 20 dB over S9. I am sure that they are very good. I never denied that. BUT - To each his own! "
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