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Sounds like you're on our Butano Sandstone Formation here in the Santa Cruz

When I put up my UST HDX-589 I had the same soil conditions.  I hired an
outfit with a small excavator to dig the hole square with vertical walls.
All the backhoe operators said they couldn't dig vertical walls and would
need to dig a big pit and form up the concrete foundation within the pit.
That's not how the structural engineer designs these foundations, which
depend on the friction of the concrete with the "undisturbed soil" on the
vertical walls to provide part of the resistance to overturning moments.

The excavator operator had a jackhammer attachment for his machine that
broke up the really hard sandstone.

If you're in the Bay Area, call Andreini & Sons in Half Moon Bay.  They did
a great job for me.

GL es 73!


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Hi all

I am putting up a used US Tower HDX-572MDPL. I started digging the hole (yes
by hand) and got about 2 1/2 feet down and I hit sand stone. My neighbor who
has a back hoe and has done a lot of digging in my area says he can dig the
hole. My question is will the sand stone be much more stable than just the
soil? Is there any thing I need to do because of the sand stone as far as
the foundation?


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