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[TowerTalk] Yet another used W51 (base/foundation) ??? de K6LPM

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Yet another used W51 (base/foundation) ??? de K6LPM
From: southbound suarez <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2017 21:50:44 +0000
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Seems as if there's a huge proliferation of these towers out there. I'd dare 
say probably record production compared to any other Ham/private consumer tower 
if you exclude the 25G series.
That said,
Does anyone have any plans or instructions or essentially a how to recipe for 
fabricating or securing this old Tri-Ex crankup tower to a foundation? Ideally 
some specifications for specific material type selections (metallurgy) , 
size/thickness and retail sources for these materials? Welding requirement as 
well as what design considerations or possible critical failures that a DYI guy 
should be aware of?
I am well aware of and respect the fact that this is indeed a critical 
application and that there exists some major risks including major liabilities. 
The possibilities of a catastrophic failure places strong risks in the form of 
severe property damage,; great bodily injury and possible death.
  I believe in good conscious that I have a healthy respect of these facts. 
While I am a very handy person with good mechanical apptitude and experience in 
construction trades, I know enough that I am far from a proper mechanical 
engineer. I have much to learn of actual loads , stresses and best 
practices.... Experience and hardknocks does have some merit similiarly does 
common sense (usually an oxymoron) especially judgement or understanding.
Obviously, "Rocket Science" can be applied to anything and make for great 
efficiency, betterment and overall greater safety.  (So much better the hit 
over miss ratio)
When you look at the designed base of what this tower was shipped when 
purchased brand new and even the same with what is being provided by 
manufacturer today? Engineering practices and formulations set aside... The 
Base appears as if it is just three 2" wide by 12" long 3/8" mild steel plates. 
The plates tab welded with full bead along there length to about a 24" length 
of rebar. Each plate/rebar upright are then  welded to a triangular formed 
rebar horizontal member. This is then conventionally  tie wrapped to the 
structual rebar concrete reinforcement... Doesnt seem so exotic or rocket 
science to me???
I do understand that there might be some subtle but important things not so 
obvious. I consider that there exsists certain forms of weldable rebar and that 
heat will anneal steel. Especially mild ductile steel plates. Certain critical 
welds must adhere to specific standards...

I fully respect the reasoning for good uniform codes and standards. I 
understand about professional peer review and adoption of professional 

Maybe to everyones benefit we can get a good and educational discussion going 
on here. Maybe there's some esteemed slide ruler type that could give the class 
a presentation on some of the basic physics and caculations. For those 
industrial insiders that govern over the art and practices, how about a quick 
review of the most pertinent and applicable sections of the numerous plethora 
of codes and overlapping professional disciplines in which contribute to the 
structure of radio amatuers affection.  AND..........
Selfishly and ultimately educate me on how to best construct/obtain/procure the 
basis (or bases) <pun> for constructing my own foundation to bolt my second 
hand W-51 tower into an upright position that is useful (safe) and reliable all 
on my own.....
This will be a non-inspected install with at least 100ft setback in all 
directions. No structures or pathways in peril .... simply a private install on 
private land with minimal intrusion by local governing officials...
None the less,  I do wish to meet or exceed proper building standards.

Thanks for reading my lengthy and intial posting as a new member of your 
excellent and esoteric community.

Brian K6LPM


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