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Re: [TowerTalk] Pre-Lube ?

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Pre-Lube ?
From: Grant Saviers <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2019 04:37:59 +0000
List-post: <>
Yes, but I think the ingredients are proprietary - check the MSDS.

Wire rope strands rub against each other when traversing sheaves so lubrication is important. Also corrosion protection for longevity. Pre-Lube has a high carrier solvent content and wicks quickly into the cable, and leaves minimal residue on the outside to collect dirt, bugs etc.

In other applications, the cable lubes I have used basically leave a lot of grease on the surface, not good.

My trick for getting the spray on the cable is to slit a cheap plastic funnel so it can wrap around the cable. Then the spray is contained and runs down the cable 3 feet or so. I do this from a boom lift with the tower retracted (HDX589), all of the cables at each level then drop down the 3 feet and repeat. If doing this climbing probably starting at the bottom and moving up makes more sense. Obviously, don't climb an extended tower and block one that is retracted.

It takes about 2 cans per 589. There are a lot of 589 cables so having a routine is important to not have holidays. Some cable never leaves the drums so they get a soaking spray.

Grant KZ1W

On 12/27/2019 03:55, Robert Harmon wrote:
Can someone explain what Pre-Lube does to the cable.  Is it a penetrating oil 
that lubricates the inner strands ?  What does it consist of ?

Fond this cable lube from Napa Auto parts.  I wonder how it 

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