Jeffrey Yeager jnyeager at southern.edu
Mon Apr 1 12:50:53 EST 1996

Well here it is:

Band    Qs   Prefixes
160     2        2        INV-L  NE bev
75     283     152        Dipole & loops,  NE bev
40     160     74         2 ele @ 70 fixed NE  
20     813    366         2 ele quad fixed NE,  TA-33 fixed W
15     106     50            "  "                   " "  3 ele fixed SE
10      36     11            "  "                  ""    5 ele fixed SE  
      1400    655 =  2,049,495

Operators KO4EW, KQ4HC
Equipment: IC-761, L4-b

Excuses:  Rotor died before test so the quad and 40m beam where fixed on 
Europe and we hoped for the best.  Not being able to turn it or the 40M 
beam was a big handicap.  

Then Thurs the farmer who owns the field the beverages are over
brought his cows back from winter pasture.  The beverages lasted about 8 hrs
once the cows showed.  

160M  Rain and Thunderstorms made this band impossible.

75M  Was fair Fri nite but 20 over static Sat nite made us quit early.
 If we worked you on 75M you have a killer signal cuz we where an alligator
here with the local storm activity.

40M Worked a few europeans, not being able to turn beam hampered efforts
to work JAs and left coast.  Didnt work many W's anywhere.

20M Packed all weekend,  managed a couple good EU runs.  We are getting 
better at finding a hole and making it happen.  We where pleased with
the results here for not having a rotatable ant.

15M LUs more LUs ...............

10M LUs

 73 Jeff KQ4HC
jnyeager at southern.edu

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