Bob Patten n4bp at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us
Tue Apr 2 07:36:17 EST 1996

Call used: N4BP						Location: FL
Category: Single Op Single Band		Mode: SSB 	Power: 1500
Callsign of Operator: N4BP

Exchanged Information: N4BP 59 nr
Hours of Operation: 21:26

band	QSOs	points
====    ====	======
15	409	627		x 249 multipliers = 156,123 points

Station: TS-430, AL-1500, TH7-DXX @ 45 feet

Had fun comparing notes with John, N6MU throughout the contest.  It sure 
did help break up the boredom during those 5 QSO/hr rates.
Africa was good, Europe was not (only EA, CT, HA, and 9A1A).  And a log full 
of LUs (again).  One interesting highlight of contest was the last ten 
minutes of operation - worked NA, SA, EU, AF, and OC.  Sort of what 10M 
used to be like late afternoons.  Worked more stateside on backscatter 
than on direct path.  Hurry sunspots....

Bob Patten
n4bp at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us

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