Greg Richard KC4ZV kc4zv at iquest.com
Sat Apr 6 21:26:46 EST 1996

It looked a part time effort right from the start and only got worse when 
one guy (operator number 3) had to cancel.  The contest begins with Roger
KA9EKJ and me as the only ops for the weekend and Roger has to leave around
noon saturday due to other plans.  I have a full (legal sized page) list
of projects as well for the weekend.  It became the perfect weekend to 
let Roger operate as much as he wanted and get some "time in the chair"
working on technique.

We listened a bit on 160 but w/o an amp and the terrible noise level from
nearby storms, this band was worthless for us.

80 meters was pretty noisy as well but when 20 died 45 minutes into the 
contest, we had to go somewhere besides 40.  The 1/4 wave vertical
played fairly well here and I need to put up beverages so we can pull
the weaker stations out of the noise.  Noise was s9 plus 15 at times
so we missed a few guys who called us.  THANKS TO THOSE WHO HUNG IN 

40 meters  sideband leaves alot to be desired.   104 Q's

20 meters   A3 tribander at 30' and 40 meter loop =  S/P'ing   193 Q's

15 meters   A3 and 40 meter dipole at 85'    31 Q's

10 meters   I don't think we even listened here   0 Q's

Biggest Hilight:  Watching Roger have a "mini-run" on 75 and getting
the last 10 above 100 an hour.

totals   521 x 336 = 340,032 points in about 18 hour of operation.

Next time, we won't concentrate on working people as much during the 
contest.  It looks like we could have had more fun with a DVK or 
using my old call WB4QIH to check the honesty of other contestors or
maybe I could borrow a 2 hole Alpha and really "fit in".


Greg KC4ZV

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