KM9P NAQP CW Single Op

Bill Fisher, KM9P km9p at
Sun Aug 4 12:38:59 EDT 1996

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

  160CW       70          69         69      32
   80CW      132         132        132      41
   40CW      165         165        165      44
   20CW      225         225        225      56
   15CW      100         100        100      39
   10CW       55          54         54      26

 Totals      747         745        745     238

    Final Score = 177310 points.

I tried to concentrate on mults this time.  Kind of difficult when TRLog
wouldn't tell me what bands I needed mults on... I'm sure it was a
configuration problem.  Very frustrating having to wade through a huge
manual to not find the answer.

TrLog says I made 50 2nd radio QSO's.  Seemed like more to me.  My quiet QTH
and the beverages made all the difference on 80M & 160M.  I was even able to
hear even west coast stations on 160M.  Remember working N6TR, N6TV, N0AX,
and few others on there.  Would have never done it with only the TX antenna.
10M & 15M were both open to the NE and midwest and basically nobody was
there.  A couple of guys I asked to move said it wasnt open.  I think they
were surprised to hear me there with a good signal.  40M seems to be my weak
band this time.  Not sure why.  Had a difficult time clearing a frequency.
Normally not a problem.  

I was also operating in a lot of pain.  I jumped off of a 30' tower after
waking up a nest of wasps.  I'm very alergic to their stings.  My knee got
messed up on the landing.  I guess I'm ready for sky diving.

The 1.5 hour drive home was the most difficult challenge.  I woke up
Saturday morning at 4:30am to go to the station.  Driving home the sunday
morning at 2:30am after no sleep was not easy.


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