score NAQP cw

Steve Lufcy km0l at
Sun Aug 4 20:57:08 EDT 1996

call: KM0L
sec:  Mo

band    Q's    mult,s
 160     23      14     Inv L
  80    104      33     Inv V
  40    190      48     rotatable dipole @ 65'
  20    138      40     A4 @ 65'
  15     30      24      "
  10      4       4      "
total   489     163     =>   79,707 score

rig: TS-940s, 386 clone/ n6tr logging
backup ant: HF6V

No team fer me this time- too bad, second best score I ever had in this one.
Worked Saturday morning and got a late start but still got about 9 hours in.
40 definately the place to be- my dipole plays well fer domestic contests 
and made it good fun. Rate peaked at about 138 and was steady over 100. 
Makes me think I should try low power in SS.
Tribander died just before dusk- I hope the coax connections are just 
dirty- so made the last few 20 meter Q's off the vertical. Low power to a 
ground mounted vert is no fun. So I concentrated on low bands all 
evening. Activity on 160 was a bit sparce- only about half the Q's there 
as in January. 40 and 80 were fun trying to make 120 watts heard over 
summer QRN.
My pick for the winner is KM9P- he worked me on 6 bands.
73 de KM0L Steve in KC

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