KB5YVT at aol.com KB5YVT at aol.com
Mon Aug 5 19:06:17 EDT 1996


Single Op

160   22/10
  80   86/31
  40  160/47
  20  247/47
  15   96/33
  10   20/13

        631 x 181  114211

Made 66 second radio Q's but still bombed out on mult count?
Missed the great 10m opening at the start I hear!!  W5ASP told
me to save the last 30 mins for 160...What do I do...Forget and
have to stop at 0530 and listen to all the stations on 160
for the next 1/2 hour! gurrrrrrrr  I worked my ass off and still
can't keep up. (100 Q's behind/ 20 mults behind!)  I guess it takes time!

Enjoyed it, thanks to the guys and gal (Beth) that were nice enough to QSY
and try to hear me on 15/10m.

73 Mike

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