N5FG sprINT score

Ray Rocker rocker at datasync.com
Sun Aug 11 02:16:54 EDT 1996

N5FG (op. WQ5L)  92 QSOs 

20m  0100-0220Z  46 QSOs in 80 minutes
40m  0220-0300Z  46 QSOs in 40 minutes

Twenty sucked major wind. W7ZRC loud, N6TR semi-loud and seemingly 
everywhere at once, WA7UVJ & N0DH semi-loud, the 1s/6s/0s weak, that's it. 
Tribander at 90' just too high for serious stateside work.

Forty, well, I was licking my chops waiting for the crowd to move,
but alas it was too late to get me over the 100 mark. The 40-2CD at 80'
rocks. Everything from 5 and 9 land west loud. The whole east coast
except for a couple of 1s on 20 were just not there. Maybe they were
all in the WAE contest.

Kept close pace with: NV6O, WA7UVJ, AE0M, N1EE/6.

Tnx to Floyd for inviting me over in my time of riglessness...

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