Jim Janke janke005 at gold.tc.umn.edu
Wed Aug 21 19:04:58 EDT 1996

Band     QSO's     Mults   Antenna

160       20        15     160 meter dipole @55 ft fed with ladder line
75        95        39     Same as above
40        89        37     Same as above
20        93        37     Same as above
15        25        13     Same as above
10        20        12     Same as above 
Total    342       153

Hours of operation: 6.75

Claimed score: 52,326

Equipment: Omni-D

Comments:  Took grandkids to the zoo Saturday afternoon so missed the 
best part of the 10 meter opening.  Went to visit my mother in the 
nursing home Saturday evening and had to shut down in middle of a nice 
run on 20. But since I hadn't planned on operating at all, this was a lot 
better than nothing.  This is only my second SSB NAQP and I am VERY 
impressed at the courtesy of the participants.  See you in January.

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