J39A CQWW CW multi-multi

Paul Young young at lkg.dec.com
Tue Dec 3 12:21:05 EST 1996

Hey, Mon!  Here are the results from J39A, multi-multi in the isle of

      Call: J39A                     Country:  Grenada
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Multi


      160      316      796     2.52     13      59
       80     1276     3040     2.38     23      85
       40     2255     5896     2.61     32     105
       20     2385     6074     2.55     37     130
       15     2233     5299     2.37     33     109
       10      867     1815     2.09     20      53

     Totals   9332    22920     2.46    158     541  =>  16,021,080

Our fine operators, selected because of their fast reflexes (meaning
they were the first to sign up): K1XM, KQ1F, K2WR, WA1S, W1FJ, KM1P.

Our four wonderful stations were as follows:

    Station 1:  Kenwood TS-850s, Henry 2K.

    Station 2:  Icom IC-735, no amplifier.

    Station 3:  Yaesu FT-1000mp, BTI LK-2000.

    Station 4:  Icom IC-751a, Ameritron AL-1200.

Our most excellent antennas consisted of:

    160:  Inverted Vee at 40'

     80:  Inverted Vee at 20'
          140' beverage, not terminated.

     40:  Cushcraft 40-2CD at 20'

     20:  Cushcraft 20-4CD at 30'

     15:  Cushcraft 15-4CD at 20'

     10:  Hy-Gain 105 at 25'

All heights are approximate.

Our score goes to the Yankee Clipper Contest Club.


    Our goal was to make 8,000 QSOs, 11 Meg.  We are pleased that we
    surpassed our numbers.

    We also wanted to win North America, and it looks like we have.

    Murphy hit us early and in several interesting ways.  We could not
    put up antennas, except for 40 meters, until Thursday afternoon.
    A brand new but defective 572B took out the SB-200, and I still
    don't know why the HL-1K/A wanted to put out smoke instead of watts.

    We connected to the YCCC packet network for most of the contest.
    It was not possible to pass spots directly to CT.  During the day
    we had an operator watching the packet spots and writing the good
    stuff on paper.  At night the 160 op watched the packet screen and
    sent gab messages.

    160 was a bear.  The first night we were barefoot.  The second
    night we used the AL-1200, our only working amp that convered the

    10 meters was MUCH better the second day.

    With six operators, nobody got much sleep.

    Pizza is expensive in Grenada.

QSLs for J39A, J38AA, J38AB, J38AC, J38AD, J38AE, and J38AF go to
KQ1F.  Please note that this is NOT the route for J3A, J38DF, or any
of the other Grenadian stations.  Scuba diving is good in Grenada, and
we plan to have a QSL with a photo of a fish.

Thanks to:

    Findley Gill, J39AL, for his assistance in so many ways.  It
    wouldn't have been possible without him.

    Ivor Gill, J39A, for the loan of the callsign and the help with
    the internet connection.

    Tony Buxo and the staff of the Emergency Operations Centre.

    Harry Flasher, W8KKF.

                         Respectfully submitted,

                           Paul, K1XM / J38AB

P.S.  Does anyone have scores for the big European M/M stations?

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