Jim Pratt n6ig at netcom.com
Mon Dec 9 16:30:47 EST 1996

Well, now that I have slept and read some messages on the subject, here 
are some scores and some comments.  I am cross posting because it is both 
a score posting as well as a CONTESTING topic of discussion:

N6IG  SOHP   549/8/73 = 96,714 points    11.1 hours
W6AX  SOHP   558/9/76 = 102,000 points    8.8 hours  (op  N6IG)

These were two entries that I operated as a single-op, unassisted, FROM 
THE SAME STATION.  W6AX is a club call for which I am the trustee...

My rationale:  operating 160M from the west coast can get rather boring, 
you simply run out of people to work.  I had an idea:  why not run two 
contests and compete against myself.  I read the ARRL rules very 
carefully on this point.  In the CW SS, for example, it clearly states 
(1) an op cannot sign more than one call from a given location during the 
contest, and (2) a given transmitter may not be used under multiple calls 
during a contest except for family stations.  This rule also applies in 
the ARRL DX contest...but it is NOT in the "complete" rules posted on the 
ARRL web page or the "complete" rules available from the e-mail server.

Net result:  I had a lot of fun.  I would operate the contest for an hour 
or two with one call, then QRT and operate an hour or two with the other 
call.  I gave lots of people 2 QSOs instead of one, and NO, N6IG did NOT 
work W6AX or vice-versa.  Also, the club I belong to gets two entries 
around 100K for the club competition instead of a single score around 
130K which I would have made with one callsign.

Questions:  Is this legal?  Clearly, it is not disallowed in the 
"complete" rules, so it is legal.

Is this ethical?  Who knows...I can't see where anyone got hurt, except 
where I didn't work myself.  Everyone else got two QSOs instead of just 
one, it promoted more activity.

If N6IG feeds a mult to W6AX, does this make them both multi-op?  I say 
no, as the rules define "all operation being done by a single operator".  
Clearly, there was a single operator here, just using two calls.

Who else will try this next year?  Will someone try three calls?  Four?  
What is the breakpoint for most points to be gained for a given amount of 
time spent when determining a club entry?

The last two questions are probably moot, as I fully expect the 
"complete" rules next near to disallow this sort of operation.  Too 
bad...it was quite a kick!

73, Jim  N6IG

                                             n6ig at netcom.com

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