N9ISN SO/LP Phone Only 10 meter

Allan W. Schlaugat allanws at primenet.com
Sun Dec 15 19:38:32 EST 1996

Timing of the contest was pitiful. We had our first major snowstorm
blow through here Saturday and Sunday. I just didn't have the time to
spend on the contest.
Conditions were good on Friday night with weak Es and scatter to the
East and Mid-Atlantic coasts. It did swing along the Gulf to Texas
as the evening wore on. Signals were weak and many stations were
patient and dug out my puny powered signals. THANKS!
The band was *dead* until the annual running of the LU QSO party 
around noontime on Sat. After 2 hours of S&P LU's, the snows moved
in and wiped out the rest of the weekend with 20 over S9 snow static.
We even had ThunderSnows Saturday night!!

QSO's: 82   States: 25  DX: 3 (LU,CX and CE) = 4,592

It only gets better from here...

73   Al   N9ISN   Eau Claire, WI    Allanws at primenet.com

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