10M M/S LP

Paul Knupke Jr. knupke at babbage.csee.usf.edu
Sun Dec 15 22:37:41 EST 1996

Multi-Single Low Power
South Florida Section

32 Q  (15 CW and 17 SSB)
15 Mults (13 states and 2 DX)  
1,410 Points

Station:  Heathkit HW-101 (CW) and Uniden HR-2600 (SSB), G5RV

Now why did my sister's college graduation have to be on Sunday and not

Friday was terrible.  Worked K4OJ first and then found K5NU both on CW then
another TX station SSB.  Nothing else.

Saturday was terrible for me.  All I could hear half the time was K4OJ
CQ'ing ... Finished with 16 Q's.  I was wondering if I'd break 25 Q's ...
well I did (barely)

Got on Sunday morning around 10AM.  Checked several times earlier but wasn't
hearing anything new.  Started hearing new stations, then at 12:30 ET I ran
off about 14 contacts in 15 minutes.  I was hearing great signals from
California and South America.  

Figures conditions would awaken when I couldn't be home.  Made it home about
8:45 PM, turned on the rig and there was tons of activity still.  Too bad
the contest was almost over by 2 hours.

>From 800 Q's 3 years ago, 600 2 years ago, 230 last year ... 32 this year.

The bright side?  I know that my score can only go up from here.  And who
would have thought I'd not work one LU at all?

73 Paul
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