ray ritchie icq4dx at starnetinc.com
Tue Dec 17 03:00:34 EST 1996

ARRL 10m Contest      

N9VVV-Single Op-Low Power-SSB Only-Unassisted

531 Q x 7 cty. x 39 states/prov. = 48,852 pts.
21 Hours

Equipment:Yaesu FT-990
          Force C-3 @ 53 ft.

This was my first ARRL 10m contest.I've been HF'ing for 2 years and
contesting for 1-1/2 years.This was a learning expierence for me.I've never
played hard on 10m during the last 2 years,(I wonder why?)but this was fun
for a while.Friday night was o.k. with 72 Q's of meteor stuff.(I
guess?)Saturday stunk.I started at 1230z and it took me till 2037z to get my
next 72 Q's.I had XYL family over Saturday night.I only operator
sporadically that night.Slept late on Sunday morning and didn't get on till 
1304z.I turn on the rig and there is a SC staion calling CQ.A new mult for
me and Q #159.I had to run to the store and get the wife some medicine.Back
on at 1332z,the next 2 Q's were mult's.I started cq'ing.In the 1400z hr. I
had a 93 Q hour.My best 
rate ever.In the 1500z hr I had a 154 Q hour.My new best rate ever.This made
my whole contest.I could have stopped there and been happy.1600z brought a
55 Q/hr rate.The family woke up,I made breakfast and got back at 1800z but
it was never the same.The Runs were to W1,W2,W3,W4,VE2 and VE3.I heard the
9J2 on Saturday but couldn't work him in the 10 minutes I called him.During
the run on sunday morn some one told me he was up the band from me but the
rate was too good to give up for the mult.If any other Illinois section
stations ran any W6,W7 stations I would sure like to know what kind of
antenna your using!I had a total of 11 Q's west of the Mississippi.What's up
with that.I heard a few W6's Sunday working tons of W8 and 
east coast stations.What a difference a few hundred miles make.I also want
to thank the 86 Chicagoland stations I worked .They really helped when
things were slow.Thanks for all who called,sorry to the ones that faded or I
couldn't work.Happy Holidays to all!!!!!Hope to hear you in the NAQSO party
in January from KF9YT.(I miss the monobanders).
                       73 de,
                            N9VVV-Ray Ritchie
the run on Sunday someon

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