Mountaintopping on 10: N6MU so/hp/mixed

Sue Moran gadmsm at
Wed Dec 18 16:17:03 EST 1996

  	ARRL 10 METER CONTEST -- 1996

N6MU @ N6NB (Single operator/unassisted, high power, both modes)

          QSOs           Multipliers (Domestic/DX)

CW        314            51          (41/11)

SSB       756            63          (44/19)

Total    1070           114                  316,008 points

Comments (by N6NB):

N6MU guest-operated at my cabin in the Tehachapi Mountains--and 
did pretty well in what was basically a VHF contest until Sunday.

On my way up the mountain late Friday night (John had one up much
earlier), I saw a lot of meteors.  "Geminids is really putting on
a show," I said to myself.  When I got to the cabin, I found out
it really was a good show:  John had already worked every western 
state except Wyoming via meteor scatter on an otherwise dead band 
(he got Wyoming later).

That was a preview of what things would be like:  it was a VHF 
contest.  John worked more than 300 California stations (from San 
Diego to Sacramento) on tropo, and he caught several sporadic E 
openings Saturday--plus some F2 on trans-equatorial paths.

But on Sunday everything changed:  the F2 m.u.f. on northerly 
transcontinental paths reached 28 MHz and the race was on.  
With enormous pile-ups, John made 195 QSOs during his best 
hour Sunday (1900-2000z); he also had a 120-QSO hour on CW 
during the F2 opening.

When it was over, John had 1070 QSOs, 114 multipliers and 316,008 
points--without any northern-latitude DX contacts (i.e., no 
Europeans and no JAs).  ...Not bad for a West Coast single-op 
running a 3-element trap tribander at 40 feet, with a TS-140 and 
a Drake L4B amplifier running on a 110-volt generator.  I guess 
this shows why a mountaintop is a good place to be during a VHF 


Wayne, N6NB

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