W4EF SprINT Score

Michael C. Tope mtope at iu.net
Sun Dec 22 04:42:35 EST 1996

69 qsos (40 meters only)
18 w/ve mults
1   dx mult (g4buo)
1311 points - before log checking

Ten-Tec Paragon=20
Inverted-Vee at 30'

I hereby certify that I am mentally impaired! This will not be a golden =
log, perhaps a DQ log?I know G4BUO sent me a real name on our second =
qso, but for some reason I blacked out and typed "ENGLAND" into the name =
blank of TRlog. Oh well, everything in the shack in working good now - =
minus 1 cerebrial cotex - grin grin.
73 & Merry Christmas!

Mike, W4EF

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