J.E. Goldsberry jegold at inu.net
Sun Dec 22 00:20:00 EST 1996

108 QSO's, 106 on 40, and 2 on 80.
21 mults.
2268 points before log checking.  

Kenwood 850

        This was a great and exciting contest.  I worked 3 unconfirmed
states for my 5BWAS on 40.
        I started the contest out on the computer, but switching back and
forth from keyboard mode to logging mode was hard.  I finally just left the
logging program on logging mode and started with the paddles.  It has been
much to long since I have used paddles, and apologies to those who couldn't
copy me (about half of everybody).  

73 & Merry Christmas,

Jason AB5LX 
jegold at inu.net

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