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Stephen Merchant merchant at
Sat Dec 21 22:03:54 EST 1996

I knew this one would be different when I answered K6GV's CQ INT at 0101Z --
Eric was so excited he decided to start an hour early!  40 and 80 were both
real long an hour before the test -- I was hearing DJ7AA on 80 and 5R8FK on
40 -- but 40 was THE band.  103 on 40, 3 on 80, only mistaken for N6AW once
<I think.>

Highlight was working ZS6CAX <his nr 28, I believe.>

Lowlights included 1) getting stomped a lot by N0AX on 40 <I need a higher
antenna>, 2) trying to copy YEAHRIGHT from W2JJ who was S1.5 (and I didn't
use MERRYEXEMS because I thought it would be too tough), and 3) trying to
convince TR to accept WN3K as a name.  Not only wouldn't it, but when I
re-typed it as WINK, it somehow morphed WINK into PGM TREE, then PGM.
Weird.  Sorry for the mutated names, guys.  I'll report all the gory details
to LOGZap.

Great activity again -- why can't we do this four times a year?  Will miss
Stew Perry, see you in NAQP CW.

Seasons greetings,

73, Steve K6AW
ex-W6EMS, N4TQO, etc.

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