wb0o at metigoshe.ndak.net wb0o at metigoshe.ndak.net
Sun Dec 22 06:32:57 EST 1996

     INTERNET Sprint
         Contest Date: 12/22/1996
                 Mode: CW   
                                         BAND    Q
     Station Callsign:WB0O               80     40
    Operator Callsign:WB0O               40     98
     State or Country:ND                ------------
                                               138 points
                 Name:BILL STRAW 
              Address:wb0o at mcimail.com 
      The shack is heated with off-peak electric. Usually in a contest I
      have all ten Alpha's running at the same time, which keeps things
      nice and toasty. Tonight it is -22F outside and the shack heat has 
      only been on 15 minutes per hour all day. Temp in the shack during
      the test- a balmy 50F! (It probably doesn't even get that cold
      OUTSIDE, AT NIGHT at K6LL's QTH). A barefoot OMNI VI does not seem
      to generate any heat.

      40M went long, minimal activity on 80M, the last half hour was pretty
      slow.The W6's seem to fall perfectly in the side null of the 40 and
      80 four squares when pointed SE. Co-fed each with an inverted-v, 
      which sure seemed to help.
      ALL RULES FOLLOWED: (signed) BILL STRAW, WB0O, 21/DEC/96
    73 BILL WB0O in way northern North Dakota

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