SprInt W4AU

John D Unger Reston, VA junger at usgs.gov
Sun Dec 22 08:13:41 EST 1996

Great turnout last night, and I tried my best - but 76 QSO's was all I could manage.
Some of you guys were really flying, and I have to get into more of these sprint
contests and also get my code speed up. It is a great, intense contest, sorry for all
the repeats. Here are some notes:

LOUDEST - K4AAA, K1HT, W0GU; I suspected at one point that K4AAA must have a antenna
extension running from Georgia to my backyard here in Virginia!

MISTAKES - working K7RAT as my first QSO; he put NINZER into the name mill, it took
me a few tries to get that one straight...  :-)

Thanks, guys, for putting up with me and for all the QSO's. See you at the next event;
I WILL break 100 QSO's!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

VY BEST 73 - John, W4AU

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