ND3F Stew Perry Score and brief notes

Nd3f at aol.com Nd3f at aol.com
Sun Dec 29 16:45:49 EST 1996

HI from FM19mg

Stew Perry results:
 9 hours, 200 QSOs, 422 QSO points, x4 for QRP (34 dBm) = 1688
Equipment: IC736 (mod for transverters), DSP59+, full wave horiz.
loop at 70', directors to NE and W at about 85'.  No RX antennas.
Conditions were super, heard plenty that I couldn't work, especially
4x4nj who was s7 here for hours.

Had fun, a real gentleman's contest, nice exchange, nice timeframe.
Not much activity after local midnite.  Longest QSOs were DX who
didn't know their grid square--I told several folks their square, and hope
they used it afterwards, but for me some 10+ pointers became 1 pointers...

73 and happy new year
ND3F at aol.com

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