W9WI entry, SPDC

Doug Smith desmith at Telalink.Net
Sun Dec 29 18:22:20 EST 1996

Summary:746 points in 9:35 operating time.  
        2X multiplier claimed; operating power 85 watts.
        (with several additional breaks not claimed due to rule 1.  Actual
operating             time closer to 4 hours.)

Station:TS-940 barefoot (SWR a bit high keeping power down)
        Inverted-V at 60'

Op:     Doug Smith W9WI
        desmith at telalink.net

Douglas E. Smith  W9WI/4 		desmith at Telalink.net
1385 Old Clarksville Pike		(preferred for long files)
Pleasant View, TN  37146-8098 USA	       -or-
(615) 746-5205				72777.3143 at compuserve.com
		 			(preferred for time-critical info)

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