RAC Winter Contest

Ric Guidone bc215 at freenet.carleton.ca
Tue Dec 31 11:09:03 EST 1996

To: 3830 at akorn.net (Scores)
VE3XL RAC WINTER TEST   s/op high power
op: Ric Guidone - VE3XL
CANADA QSO     440  x 10      =    4400
RAC    QSO      21  X 20      =     420
DX     QSO     288  X  2      =     576
TOTAL  QSO     749    QSO     =    5396
MULTIPLIERS         X         =      63
CLAIMED SCORE                 =    339,948
Ten Tec Omni 6
Dentron Clipperton-L
40 meter Sloper system
4 element LPDA
I always enjoy this contest because you get to use both cw and ssb.  Bands
seemed to just keep hanging in there.   Had a ball.  I got the feeling that
participation  was up quite a bit this year.   Looking forward to the next
Happy New Year to all.
73 - Ric - VE3XL

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