N4BP in Stew Perry

Bob Patten n4bp at shadow.net
Tue Dec 31 15:17:34 EST 1996

Call used: N4BP						Location: EL96
Category: Single Op Single Band		Mode: CW	Power: 1500
Callsign of Operator: N4BP

Exchanged Information: N4BP RST EL96
Hours of Operation: 6

band	QSOs	points
====	====	======
 160	 153	   557		557 points

Club or Team Name: Florida Contest Group

Comments:  FT-1000MP, AL-1500, Inverted Vee @ 40 feet, NA v10.13

Even with my new hearing aid (FT-1000MP), I felt like the classic 
alligator in this one.  I know many called me whom I was unable to copy 
and also had many busted contacts.  And it just kept getting worse.  By 
10PM local, the noise was so bad that I could only hear a half dozen 
signals that I had already logged.  Slept six hours and awoke to a new 
high in the noise level.  Two more Q's and enough already!
Very frustrating, but my own fault.  I had intended to have a quiter 
receiving antenna put together by now..  Next year?

Bob Patten, N4BP
Plantation, FL
n4bp at shadow.net

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