Stewed (and pickled) in Indiana

Mel Crichton mjc at
Tue Dec 31 22:57:56 EST 1996

A last minute attack of flu cancelled my ski trip to Utah but also
provided opportunity to participate in the Stew test contest.
Unfortunately, the antihistamines and painkillers had more of a 
detrimental effect, and I could operate only about five hours of the 
contest. Being a CT user I have no idea of my final score (I'll let KM9P 
wrestle with that), and having heard absolutely NO DX in the contest I 
must assume that most QSO's from Indiana were low pointers:
154 QSO's in 87 grids, running 100 watts to a dipole at 40 feet with a 
short bevvie for receive.
But I had fun!!! (that's what the other people who live with me in the 
old hippies retirement home tell me... I don't remember much of 
I think they've got a promising contest here.
73, Mel KJ9C

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