WB4iUX Sprint SSB (pit -eee - fullllllll)

Skelton, Tom skeltt at mmsmtp2.ColumbiaSC.ATTGIS.COM
Mon Feb 5 10:53:00 EST 1996

WB4iUX / "Elf" / South Carolina

40 meter single band (yes, I know that isn't a category but .....)

TS930s, SB220, 40m dipole on roof providing plenty of RF feedback into 930

40 Qso's, 17 mults

time of operating:  about an hour and a half

Really important stuff:
glasses of wine:  2 -- Merlot
XYL complaints:  0 (shocking!)
harmonic interruptions:  1 (and a pleasant one at that)
wx:  snow had just started and it was cold as beejeezus...I  DO feel for 

It was good to be home for the weekend even if I don't have
20 or 80 meter antennas up right now.  Got started around 01:30,
so 20 was dead and gone by then.  Couldn't  even use the tuner
and 40m dipole on 20m to make some Q's there.

I can tell it was business-as-usual on a crowded 75 meter band
on a winter evening with almost everyone snowed in.  Nothing
judgmental by this comment -- just a statement of fact.
Should we eliminate SSB sprint contests?????? (flak suit on!)

Better get something up for 80 for the CW Sprint next weekend
or the Watt Me Worry team will surely have me hung-by-the-
short-hairs (c)!  My G5RV poo-pooing may come to an end.
Humility is a tuff lesson to learn.

73, Tom WB4iUX
(WB4iUX at AOL.COM works too)

ps:  Wife must be mellowing...asked me this weekend if I am
EVER going to get some of my antennas up at our new house.
The break I've been waiting for.....or maybe she's tired of seeing
them stacked in the back yard...

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