cw Sprint

Steve Lufcy km0l at
Sun Feb 11 12:01:03 EST 1996

call: KM0L
sec:  Mo
pwr:  800 watts

band  Q's   mult's
 80    75
 40    97
 20    42
total 214  x  48   =>   10,272

rig: 1) FT101ZD- SB221-> A4 at 65', 40M dipole at 65', 80M Inv V at 60'
     2) T4xc/R4C- MLA2500B-> HF6V grnd mt
comp: 386 clone using NA 4.11

My W9XT contest card is configured as LPT2 and my old version of NA can't 
accomodate that so my cw was generated by me and an MFJ memory keyer 
(anyone still use these things?).
Condx much better than ssb sprint. 20 was not so good with even the west 
coast being weak into the black hole. Some kinda backscatter or something 
made some 4's (like WA6KUI in Tn) real loud with the ant pointed west 
about 00:45. 
Went to 40 early making Q's with the Drake's and gnd mt vert as a 2nd 
radio. 40 kinda long especially on the vertical. It picked up when I went 
to the rotatable dipole which plays nicely for domestic contests. Still 
did not make my normal 100 Q's on 40, but got close.
80 was the place to be- I shoulda spent more time there. Went back to 40 
around 03:15 trying to get my 100 Q's there and this slowed me down. 
Maybe I'll learn someday- or maybe I'm just getting set in my ways. Gotta 
stick with the action!
Was very pleased with the multipliers! 48 is a personal high. Worked 
VP2E/KI4HN on 2 bands, KP4, 2 ND's, Ia, Ar, Fl, etc. Heard a V3 working 
sprint but when he came back to me QRM knocked him out- ouch! Missed Me, 
RI, De, Ne, Wy, and afew others- but The activity was great.
I figured I must have bad breath cuz noone wud answer my CQ's! I'll use 
Scope before the next contest!
CU es 73 de KM0L

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