N0AX CW Sprint Results

H. Ward Silver hwardsil at seattleu.edu
Sun Feb 11 11:32:28 EST 1996

    Callsign Used : N0AX
         Category : LOW-POWER
        Team/Club : WATT-ME-WORRY #1

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Countries   

   80CW       66          66         66       0         0 
   40CW      128         128        128      16         1 
   20CW       56          56         56      26         1 

 Totals      250         250        250      42         2 

    Final Score = 11000 points.

 Soapbox Comments

First time cracking the 10k and 250Q barrier!  Wish I'd picked up some of 
the easy mults on 80 by CQ-ing more, could've easily had four or five
more.  Embarassing to miss ID, VE7, VE6, SD, and WY when they are usually
duck soup on 80; heard W7ZRC and WD0T, but no luck.  I think the moral is
to call CQ a little bit more on 80, but that's pretty unfulfilling with
low power.  Heard KP4TK, but real weak on 40, so no-go.

Left 20 at 0040 as the second rig was showing Hot Action on 40...turned
out to be a smooth move and the rate meter kept right up there until
around 0200 when I hit the wall.  This manifests itself as the view from
outside a huge glass pipe between CA and the Midwest/East Coast.  Awesome
to watch, difficult to enter!  At this point, had my two-radio skills been
better honed, I could have probably band-bounced and picked up another 20
QSOs.  Live and Learn.  Fun to have QSO totals right up there with the QRO
boys until they started pulling away as we hit the 80-meter backstretch.

Personal best in poor conditions is pretty encouraging, though.  Way to go
Watt-Me-Worry teams!  Both should have pretty good totals...wouldn't it be
funny if a low-power team won?

73, Ward N0AX

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