KZ2S CW sprint report

Mon Feb 12 09:01:06 EST 1996

Thanks to N2NU for letting me operate from his station.

20 -  71
40 - 115
80 - 100
tot: 286 x 46 = 13,156

This was a tough one without any sunspots.  Twenty meters was about
the worst I have heard it during a sprint.  There were some strong
signals from the western big guns, but that was about it.  N5RZ was
just about pinning the S meter before the test started.  I think what
really killed it for us out in the east was the lack of scatter from
the close in stuff on 20.  I could tell there were 4's, 8's and 9's
on the band but they were just too far down in the noise to work. 
Can't believe how loud the west coast was on 80.  Congratulations to
K1KI and N2NT on the big scores from the Northeast.  Someday I'll
figure out how to find mults in this thing ....

- John KZ2S

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