SPECK at uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu SPECK at uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu
Tue Feb 27 17:07:39 EST 1996

 404 Qs   54 mults (2 + 52) = 46,110   5.4 hrs
TS-930->Amp (500W) -> inverted L (65' high)

Hadn't planned on playing much but wanted to exercise my voice and recall how 
to say "59 Tennessee" to prepare for ARRL SSB.  Good thing I did. The last 
SSB contest was NAQP and I found myself wanting to say "this is Mark in 
Tennessee". I think I have it figured out now!  Good luck to all this weekend. 
I'm going to try out a REAL multi-op this weekend when Ric (WA6KUI) and I join 
forces at the KO4EW/KQ4HC station in east TN. Praying for sunspots!

				73,  Mark K0EJ    

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