Jim Stevens ki4hn at
Fri Jan 19 21:14:34 EST 1996

Let me help get this reflector started (thanks Mr. Bill).


    Callsign used:       AA4NC
    Callsign of Opertor: KI4HN
    Name used:           JIM
    Location:            NC
    Category:            Single Operator
    Mode:                CW
    Power:               100 Watts
    Hours of Operation:  10
    Off Times:           18:00 - 19:30 =3D 1.50 hour
                         21:55 - 22:25 =3D 0.50 hour

    Band     QSOs    Points   Mults
    160       99       99      31
     80      142      142      35
     40      100      100      37
     20       60       60      21
     15        5        5       2
     10        2        2       1
    All      408      408     127      Score: 51,816

Equipment: Yaesu FT-990 & Icom 736,
           IBM ThinkPad 350C running N6TR's logging program.

Antennas:  10M:             6 element monobander @ 80 feet.
           15M:             4 element monobander @ 80 feet.
           20M:             4 element monobander @ 120 feet.
           40M:             Pro67 @ 70 feet & 402CD at 130 feet.
           80M & 160M:      Dipoles @ 120 feet.

Club or team: Rednecks #1

Remarks: Thanks to Will, AA4NC, for the use of his station.

Will was out of town, so Murphy took the opportunity to strike.  I had
problems getting Will's new computer to key the rigs, and I had problems
with the mixer board that provides the audio for each rig.  I finally
drove back home and got my ThinkPad and used it for logging and keying
the rigs.  Because of all the problems, I didn't get started until =

But even with all of the problems, I'm very disappointed in my score.
I should have done much better from this station.  During the test, I
thought maybe it was just conditions, but when I saw all of the great
scores posted on the 'Net, I realized that I really stunk again.  I =
that I'm still not a really good CW contester.  As WB5VZL says about
himself, maybe someday I'll learn the code and learn what it takes to do
really well in a CW test.

As always it was fun.=20

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