Ronald D Rossi rrossi at btv.ibm.com
Mon Jan 22 12:24:46 EST 1996

        Team/Club : Big Blue Contesters                                   
   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults                          
  160SSB       2           2          2       2                           
   80SSB     144         144        143      41                           
   40SSB      92          92         92      31                           
   20SSB     143         143        143      33                           
   15SSB      14          14         14       5                           
 Totals      395         395        394     112                           
    Final Score = 44128 points.                                           

Ten-Tec Omni-D @ 100W
Butternut HF6V on 10m-40m
80m dipole at 35' for 80m (no shit!!) and 160m (why bother!!)

Operated 10 hours.

About 50 Qs up from last year for me.  Things seemed to go pretty
smoothly.  I lost the computer at one point, but no lost Qs or time.
I paper logged the two incoming QSOs while OS/2 came back.  No run ins
with the anti-everythingbutpigfarmingnets on 75m.  I should have taken
more time off at supper time.  Things really seem to slow down here around
1700 local (ET).  

The 80m as during SS proved WAY better than the Butternut.  The dipole 
doesn't like to tune on 160m down about 1.865.  It tuned okay at 1.940
or so, but weren't nobody hearin me way up thar.  Not that I was heard 
anyway (just ask AB4RU and K7SV)!

I gave myself two hours to get ready for the contest.  A blown fuse in the
PS had me off to the Electric Supply shop.  The 14 year old 4A slowblow 
looked like it had yak in it (yak = Skol spit)!  Never saw that before (It
wasn't smokey glass, it looked liquid)!  Anyway a new fuse was luckily all
there was to it.  The funny thing is that the nominal current load for 
out dropped from ~18 to ~10 amperes!  Wierd!  My inductor settings on the
tuner were all at least 1 click LOWER than they were for SS on the dipole
and the vertical.  Surely unrelated to the PS of course, but wierd 
none-the-less that both antennae shifted at the same time.  Like I said...

See you weakly in the Sprint!  I'll be doing the VT QSO Party the same 
Look for me just off of 3830 calling CQ while you all give your scores!

snow/ice in the ladder line.  
73 de N1PBT...ron (rrossi at btv.ibm.com) <><

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