AB4RU CQ160CW Multiop

Charles Hooper AB4RU at sunbelt.net
Sun Jan 28 11:15:01 EST 1996

                        CQ 160 METER CONTEST           1996

      Call: AB4RU                    Country:  United States 
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Operator


     Totals   1108    3955      59      58    =   462,735

Operator List: AB4RU, AA4GA

Equipment Description: FT1000, FT990, HF2500, GP, Beverages

Sounded like there was probably a great EU opening Friday night,
but we missed most of it due to heavy QRN, then about 0430Z a thunder-
storm came thru and we shut everything down until about 1130Z, just in
time to work one JA.  That makes two years in a row we've had to shut down
the station during the CQ contest...what a waste of a sunspot minimum!!
The static levels were over s-9 on the beverages, making QSOs with only 
the strongest of signals possible.  If you worked us the first night, 
you're doing FB on top band!

Second night was much better, but we were already morally defeated.  Worked
lots of EU stations, and made up for some of the missed stateside folks, 
but nowhere near enough.  Had a lovely time listening to some unidentified
station trying to tell us "PSE GET OUT OF DX WINDOW" for over a half hour 
when we were CQing on 1838.6.  Why do these cops think what they're doing 
is helping anything?  I guess this guy was illiterate, as the contest 
announcement specified 1830 to 1835 as the designated window.  Got tired, 
went to bed and slept through what must have been a fabulous JA opening 
according to the packet spots.  Speaking of packet spots, the local cluster
was down for upgrading to 9600 bps for about 15 hours.

High point was WAS with all VE except VE8 and VO2.  Worked SD at about 11am
local and several northeast mults in mid-afternoon, many hours before 
sunset.  Overall, pretty happy with the multiplier, just wonder what it 
could have been.  Guess the scores from the Northeast will tell.

See you folks in the phone contest...fingers crossed for no storms.


                  Q's     %

North America    959    82.2
South America      9     0.8
Europe           189    16.2
Asia               5     0.4
Africa             1     0.1
Oceania            4     0.3


Rate sheet way too embarrassing to print!

ab4ru at stc.net

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