CQ160 CW K3WW Multi Op

Charles Fulp k3ww at fast.net
Sun Jan 28 19:17:43 EST 1996

K3WW  Multi Op...Me and packet

QSOS 1088   58 st/prov   52 countries  448,690

have to check if the /mm etc were scored correctly

about 217 Europeans, 4 Ja's (first for me in a 160 test)
Highlights  VY1JA answering a CQ...first ever VY1 on 160,
followed closely by KL7Y.  4X4NJ also answered a CQ along with
probably every state execept NDak, The only ND worked was a
packet spot.  Missed VO2 and N.S. of all things and NWT.
VE5 was a packet spot as well.  
Spent more time than usual slept 3 hrs first night and 4 the 2nd
and didnt do MUCH daytime operating, Water running thru basement
Saturday, so called a few CQ's and mopped the floor. 

73 Chas  k3ww at fast.net   breakdown sheet shortly available
http://www.users.fast.net/~k3ww   (usefull? information section)

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